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Do you need an Alkaline supplement? It depends on if your body is alkaline or acidic. They are occurrences that occur in your body, and sometimes they go unnoticed. Mainly, your overall body comes with a pH level that measures the extent of its alkalinity or acidity. The pH scale spans 0 – 14, with 1 indicating a very acidic level, 7 as neutral, and 14 as very alkaline.

We’ll get to why knowing your body’s pH level is important a bit later in this article. First, we want to list and review the five best alkaline supplements you should consider using to improve your health. We’ve made a curated list of the five best alkaline supplements reviewed that will normalize your body pH to ensure bacteria, viruses, cells, and fungi won’t thrive. We compiled the list based on effectiveness and safety. Check them out!

Alkaline Supplement – The Best 5 Available In 2022

#1. Barley Grass Juice Powder – Teatox Life
This superior supplement from Barley Grass Juice Powder is formulated using ingredients that come from powerful juice energy of a rich energy grass that offers countless helpfulness, including boosting overall health, heals, nourishes, detoxifying, and cleanses. Also, the powder is endowed with vitamin B, C, and A, and minerals phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and iron.

Besides, it also has eight essential amino acids, which the body doesn’t produce sufficient by itself. It is a healthy and natural way to assist in boosting your immune system and keep away the danger posed by parasites, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Additionally, an alkaline supplement lowers your risk of sickness.

Other benefits of Barley Grass Juice Powder may include:

  • Eliminate the build-up of impurities and toxins
  • Improve on blood circulation
  • Increase metabolism

Put a teaspoon of this product in 8 Oz of water and take it every morning. Every bag has 120 g of rich supplement.

– Size of serving: 2.5g – approximately 1 teaspoon
– Servings/container: About 60

Barley Grass Juice Powder Wrap-Up
This supplement was mainly made to be combined with liquids like smoothies, juices, water, and many recipes. Therefore, if you like to mix the supplement with your food or drinks, this is the right supplement for grab. As Alkaboost (#3 on our list) does, this supplement offers incredible health benefits, and the only difference is that it comes in powder form and mixes better.

#2. Acidic Stomach Alkaline Balance
This supplement is packed with phytonutrients and chlorophyll-rich super greens that are exceptionally mixed to assist in stabilizing the acidic-alkaline level in your body. If you think that the food you consume has high acid levels like dairy, salt, fish, meat, etc., you rest assured that this supplement will restore your acidic level. Additionally, the product help you to ensure digestive comfort and ease using its sulfur endowed compounds, stomach-soothing aloe, and spirulina.

If you weigh below 150 pounds, you can take two capsules per day or twice in a day if you are above 150 pounds. Remember that what you consume and the number of tablets you take on every day will influence the results.

– Serving size: 2 capsules
– Servings/Container: 60

Acidic Stomach Alkaline Balance Wrap-Up
Like Salts Phour (#4 on our list), this supplement is specifically made to help remove digestive issues, and they have all been seen to give the same results. The difference now comes in the formulation, and this one comes in the form of capsules. If you’ve no problems with tablets, then you can stick to this supplement. In addition, Acid Stomach Alkaline Balance is a bit pricier, for a good reason, though. You’ll expect to get instant results.

#3. HealthyWiser- Alkaboost
This vegan alkaline supplement has a wide range of essential minerals and vitamins extracted from fruits and vegetables. They are beneficial in neutralizing the level of acidity in your body system. Since it is designed from natural products, it helps to keep your body while keeping you immune from diseases. This means that it can automatically combat the intrusion of those harmful bacteria, viruses, or fungi that can cause diseases.

It can take you to eat up to 2 pounds of fruits and vegetables each day to acquire the required amount of minerals and vitamins. Sometimes, this can be so hard because we never find time to do all this. Alkaboost will therefore be of greater help to you. You can meet all those dietary requirements by taking these easy-to-swallow and tasteless tablets.

The top benefits of Alkaboost:

  1. Reduces risks of sickness
  2. Improves delivery of oxygen to the body cells
  3. It keeps you feeling energized at all times
  4. The use of Alkaboost assures sufficient vitamins and minerals for up to a month.

Alkaboost Wrap-Up
Alkaboost offers you the best results, and it boosts your immune system while increasing the alkaline levels in your body. Since it is highly effective, it is well known to offer you the quickest results. Suppose you need to solve specific issues such as insomnia or need some particular form of supplements such as powder or liquid. In that case, you can opt for other alkaline supplements in this list.

#4. Premium Alkaline care- Salts Phour
This alkalizing supplement is suitable for remineralization. It is beneficial in replenishing the four main natural carbonated salts like magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium. The body requires these carbonated salts in building muscles, growing strong bones, and healthy muscles. Additionally, it helps maintain the best general health and reduces acid levels in the lymphatic, gastrointestinal and circulatory systems.

You can use these supplements every day to alkalize your food or drink, making it suitable for use while baking, like personal care products or tooth scrubbing mouthwash. You can only take one level scoop, which is equivalent to 6g, and dilute it in 250 ml water each day.

Serving size: only one level scoop each day
Serving in each container: 30

Salts Phour Wrap-Up
This supplement helps treat any digestive problems or issues that you could be facing. With this, you can take your favorite meals with no problem at all. Moreover, it works best in keeping your muscles, bones, and joints healthy and strong at all times. It also contains all that your body needs to remain healthy.

#5. Morter HealthSystem- Dr. Morter’s Alka Green (Organic Barley Grass)
This is one unique alkalized body supplement made from natural ingredients grown in organic environments. These conditions do not require fertilizers or any chemicals during their growth process. Therefore, they are very rich in minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and many other vital ingredients. This supplement is equipped with all those essential elements in the right amounts for the best results whatsoever.

Whenever you take one tablet of Dr. Morter’s Alka Green, you are assured of 98 percent of the natural nutrients and two percent of natural binding agents. These tablets balance pH, but they also help keep your mind alert. Additionally, it aids in better sleep and improving your day-to-day performance.

Adults are recommended to take 3 to 7 tablets every day or follow the recommended dose by your nutritionist or physician.

Servings in a day: 3-7 tablets each day
Servings per container: 300 tablets

Morter’s Alka Green Wrap-Up
If you need some specific results such as improved sleep, keeping your mind alert, and reducing fatigue, you can opt for this supplement. Since it is made of natural ingredients, it remains one of the best supplements to healthy your entire body.

Why Your Body’s pH Balance Matters And Why An Alkaline Supplement Matters

To live a healthy life, you need to have a pH level that should be slightly alkaline or balanced. This, therefore, means that you need to have a pH level that ranges stand around 6.5 – 7.5. With your body having a pH of this level, it can function effectively and do aware of harmful, risky chronic diseases. Fungi, bacteria, and viruses do well in acidic spaces, and if your body is more acidic, your body can be at more risk of hosting these pathogens.

When you have a pH level that is less than 6.5, your body tends to be weak and does all it can to recover from the high acidity level. As such, it begins to remove essential minerals and vitamins in your body to try and get back the pH balance level.

One of the common diseases that you may get when your body is very acidic is osteoporosis. This disease makes your bones fragile and brittle, which on the other hand, increases the possibility of bone breakage or dislocation.

If you have a low pH level, you need to create a space that ensures bacteria, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and cells can’t thrive. Essentially, you need to get the pH level to the recommended 6.5 – 7.5 level.

Unluckily, the diet of Americans does not contain enough alkaline foods, and being cautious about the foods people eat is always a nightmare. Using the best alkaline supplements can be the best way of normalizing your pH level.

Alkaline Supplement Conclusion
The purpose of the above reviews is to offer you much-needed information on the best alkaline supplements available that you need to boost the alkaline pH in your body. These supplements are meant to only boost, so they should not be a replacement for your alkaline diet. Most of them help keep you healthy at all times, and this is because they contain all the necessary minerals, vitamins, and enzymes required by the body.

Most of them come in odorless tablets and are easy to swallow. It would be best if you took the right amounts for better results. Go ahead and choose that alkaline supplement that best suits your body and watch those incredible results happen at the end.

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